I am so grateful for the lovely comments made about my work. Here are a few examples below:

Client of Owl commission

“Thank you for being one of the most amazing people I know. Your ability to make people feel relaxed and open up is the reason why your work is so energised, inspired, authentic and pure. I absolutely love my painting. I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart,I will love and cherish my painting forever, he is absolutely beautiful”.

Client of commissioned church painting

Your paintings speak for themselves really and words do not do them justice-there just aren’t enough colours in the alphabet to describe their brilliance!”

Client who purchased ‘LONGTHORPE TOWER’

I have just heard from my sister. The paintings arrived and shes delighted with it”.

Visitor to Peterborough Artist Open Studios

“Really fabulous paintings-can’t fail to smile when looking at it so a must have for a down day”

Visitor to studio

“Happy paintings. The way we felt about the David Hockney exhibition”

Richard for his office wall

“I saw ‘NIGHT MEADOW’ just once and decided it was for me straight away and bought it there and then. Love the combination of colour and texture, both striking and innovative. A beautiful evocation of the wonder of meadowland and darkness. Thank you for your creation.”

Client of commissioned dog painting

“What can I say I saw your work and loved it. Gave you a picture of my dog Dave and you have put your own spin on him. Amazing and awesome!”

Peterborough Telegraph

“A spectacular 100 foot high art installation… to commemorate the battle of the Somme”


Mayor of Peterborough

“To mark the Battle of the Somme in such an emotive and community spirited way is a wonderful show of recognition to those who gave their lives. THE SKY OF POPPIES is truly breath taking!”

“Thank you for my beautiful summer meadow painting…it has lifted my spirits more than you will ever know….you bring so much love, light and laughter in your work”

“What a wonderful morning with 60 9 year olds felting poppies, wonderful texture, colourful,interactive making, inspiring the children, a fantastic way to bring heritage into the school and engage so fully and joyously with the children. Thank you and may we please work with you again soon….”

Arts Council Regional Officer

“Floralia is stunning, sitting on the stone steps, surrounded by music technology and sounds. Floral is beautiful tranquil and inspiring. An image I will take away”

“Absolutely superb art.Utterly Inspirational. Thank you for putting Peterborough on the art map!”

“she explained so much to me, demystifying things, showing me how to create a background, how to get texture, techniques to create balance, all sorts of things I had no idea about and then she set me free to create what I wanted, without pushing me into a specific style or way of creating and I so appreciated that. She took away the fear of getting it “wrong”. Thank you Charron and I can heartily recommend a VIP day with her;) you’ll get so much from it!”

“without you sharing your expertise and guidance I’d never have even started! What I meant was I was so grateful not to be pushed into a particular style, I didn’t have to do a paint by numbers as we talked about on some courses. I just feel so confident to get out there and do it! It feels like a whole new world has opened up and it’s thanks to your patience and non judgement and allowing and encouraging. It really feels it’s been a huge transformation snd the workshop today was so much easier. Normally when she intros (in a retreat workshop elsewhere) painting or mask making I want to crawl into a corner and then my inner child gets really mad. Today I did a mask and the painting and loved it. I just feel like I’m fizzing, so thank you again for a fantastic day;) xxx”