“I am a contemporary artist of bright, colourful and vibrant art. Inspired by a deep connection and love for the natural world. I combine my spiritual approach to creativity with passion, energy and fabulous colours to interpret the beauty that exists all around us in a free and spontaneous way.

Thank you for joining me…”

News and Events

Peterborough Artists Open Studios 23/24th June and 7/8th July 11-5pm

Each year artists from Peterborough open their studio for the public to visit and view the work of these artists maybe falling in love with one or more pieces of art that you might buy for your home of office whilst chatting about what inspires these artists and the techniques they use to create their work.




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The best dog haircut ever #themohican https://t.co/nnBJHi2epB CHARRONPUGSLEYH photo
2 days ago
#thomascook let’s care more about 2000 employees their families and a city that might loose those jobs? All I have seen is people worrying about their holiday which I understand. #jobs #mortgages #families
3 days ago
#businessminister. It’s simple stop giving subsidies to fossil fuels and give them to clean energies #climate crisis
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