ALONE -A WINTER painting Charron Pugsley-Hill Artist-in-Residence Ferry Meadows Country Park Peterborough

As I focus on my series of art inspired by the seasons and my residency post at Ferry Meadows Country Park and The Nene Park Trust in Peterborough, I am finding such pleasure in the simple things of life. Just walking with my dog in the park on cold winters days with little human company, I have been finding myself noticing the birds in particular. I used to be quite an avid birdwatcher- not a twitcher though. I have always been fascinated by animal and bird behaviour and this winter I have been drawn to the solitary birds sitting on the various perches in the lake or on the lakeside, mostly the gulls, herons and the cormorants (although these can often be seen congregating together ) sat alone in peace looking for food but also just sitting. My friend likes to just sit but I have always found just sitting not to be for me. Watching these birds and their peacefulness  I have found I have been drawn to a more peaceful existence that I have been enjoying for much of last year.

Many friends kept saying that yoga would be great for my back problems and also that I would love it. Before this I always though it was too non energetic as I have always loved aerobics or dance classes. I found myself booking a class and then another and another….now on the eve of an operation on my shoulder (a painting injury) I find I am more fed up of missing my yoga than anything else that I will not be able to do for a few weeks…..That peace alone in your head gives your mine rest and space to wander-something I am always advocating to others to help with creativity. Give your mind space to wander and you just don’t know what will happen in that space. I often have this when out walking with my dog and ideas often come in that space for me. I am a yoga convert now…..

So sitting at a blank canvas with the thoughts of the winter painting that I was going to create I was surprised to find myself sponging large swirly sky circles on the large white canvas. It was going to be a similar deep primeval process creating a similar work to THE FIRES OF AUTUMN but as winter with a skeletal tree and shapes of ice from the lakes made by the birds crashing through the ice. Its no surprise that I was surprised as this regularly happens to me. I think I am making something that just becomes something else. This is that intuitive creation process where you trust yourself to let out from your heart and soul whatever is going to be put onto the canvas.

Using sponges gave a soft finish to the swirls and I will use them again to create that softness and blend of colours and metallics.

As this sky was appearing in front of my eyes, I remembered a photograph that I had taken a few weeks earlier and this has been the inspiration for the painting below. A solitary Black-headed Gull sat in the middle of the lake for ages just sitting.And so here it is…..captured forever in paints in part of my Artist-in-Residence at the park.

ALONE in acrylics, metallics and fine glitters on canvas-painted as usual on the sides to avoid the need for framing.

For more of my work as Artist-in-Residence at Ferry Meadows Country Park then please see my other blogs and join me on Facebook Charron Pugsley-Hill Art.

This post has been kindly funded by The Arts Council England and runs until September 2017. Please see the Nene Park Trust website for details of events throughout the year.

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