Wedding and Event Painting

Charron Puggsley Hill Artist Painting at a Wedding

The day you say “I do” is one of the most special moments in your entire life. Whether you’re engaged, just thinking of getting married or have been together for years, your wedding day is special and is about you and your partner and the love you celebrate together. A marriage is the most powerful commitment that can be made between two people.

A wedding painting created especially for you is a personal memento of that special day which is a beautiful memory, an emotional reminder of the feelings of the day. Something to be treasured forever as you journey through life together.

Its me the artist going to your wedding, a day full of happiness and love, and taking the emotions, moods, colours, flowers and inspiration from the day and creating a unique piece of art of that day (and mostly on the day) especially for the bride and groom or whoever commissions the work. Its not about painting the exact scene. Its about capturing your day in emotions and colours.

This can be applied to any special event, conference, party, work event and special occasion! It is taking inspiration from each individual unique event and creating a bespoke piece of art that embodies the day. Captures the mood and memories of the event forever more.

The Celtic Wedding

I don’t know of any others doing exactly what I do and I believe that I am the only artist in the UK doing exactly this process. Others involved in creating weddings have told me they know of no other doing what I do. Several of my artist friends have told me I am completely nuts for putting myself under such pressure. But for me its not about pressure but its the way I work. Intuitive art that connects with a situation, a place, the people, emotions and energy in that moment. Yes its intense and the day after I am absolutely drained as so much of my focus and energies go into creating that special painting in the time that I am at the wedding or the event. But I love it!

Pink Marriage
Pink Marriage

So how does it happen? You decide if its something you would like for your wedding or event.Then check out my style and if you like it then give me a call for a no obligation discussion.

Painting at a Special Birthday in the Garden
Painting at a Special Birthday in the Garden
Wedding and Event Painting

If you do not like my style please don’t waste our time as my style is my style and it won’t be changing any time soon! So I won’t be copying someone else style. What I do is unique!

Next you will need to check with your hotel or venue to see if they are happy to accommodate my requirements. I am happy to talk to them if you give me their contact details. If its a yes then we book the date and you pay a 50% deposit (non refundable) to secure the date.

I turn up at your wedding or event 2/3 hours before to get set up and take in the atmosphere, the place, the colours, the energies and atmosphere. At this point I may if possible visit the bride/bridegroom to take in the ambiance as you prepare for your special day. I also like to be at the ceremony at the back and out of the way to experience the details can come from experiencing this special moment or the main parts of your event or conference. Children also love to watch me working and letting children add flowers to the painting can be a special touch too.

Harvest an event in Peterborough
Harvest an event in Peterborough

It’s not usually possible to complete the finished piece on the day and it is finished in my studio in Peterborough where you can then visit to view the finished piece or I can bring the piece to you as agreed. Included in the price are 100 cards of the painting that you can send to your guests as a memento of the day/thank you card as they love to see the finished piece too.

Please give me a call on 07966 208282 or visit my Peterborough Studio to discuss your requirements for your special  experience! I so look forward to working with you to create a special emotional artwork that will last you a lifetime! I have done weddings, conferences, special birthdays and anniversaries too.

Painting live at The National Reflexology Conference.

Colour love Charron x

“My husband and I got married in April 2015, as a gift to us from my in-laws we had Charron come to paint on the day and what a wonderful experience it was. 
All Charron said to me was what part of the day would I like her to capture, and as I love Charrons flowers I asked for my bouquet. Then she went downstairs and started to do her thing, positioning herself discreetly in the corner but where people could see what she was doing. Our guests were quite intrigued and it became a talking piece of the day, some just enjoyed watching her paint, some asking her questions and some influencing what Charron painted. 
It was a little after the wedding we went to view the painting and we were blown away by it. We have it hanging in our lounge and every time we look up we are reminded of our day, from the roses in my bouquet, the pinks and golds she used from our wedding colours, the slight lace detail she painted that was on my dress, and one of my favourite parts- a suggestion from my niece to put a heart in the corner as the day was about love- all of this is a beautiful way to remember our day and I don’t think it gets anymore special than a personalised painting. 
Thankyou Charron for giving us a beautiful piece that we are so very proud of.”