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Workshops are being together, meeting new friends or joining with old ones to laugh and experience a day like no other. In a relaxed place we all learn from each other with guidance where needed. These days are about you and your creativity, what you want to express, the colours you love that make you feel great, its your time to have a go and explore yourself, the place and your emotions in a painting.

Childrens Workshop

Its all about colour, fun, learning and being with others in an enjoyable shared experience.

I hold several different types of workshops throughout the year depending on the projects I am working on at any time and these can include painting, felting and installations. I am also available for schools and groups to book workshops.

My VIP Expressive Creative Painting days are held in my personal studio and can accommodate up to 3 people at one time. These workshops are very personal and are all about your individual confidence with your creativity and are tailored entirely to those present.

Community Felt Workshops

Expressive Creative Painting Workshops for groups.These are a fun workshop and are all about the individuals creativity in a group situation. These may be held occasionally through the year in different locations. Please check out my workshop section of the shop to see if any are planned for the near future. I am available for groups and schools to book for these workshops.

Painting Workshop
Community Felting Workshop

The following are some of the comments from these Expressive Creating Painting Workshops:

“Being a fan of Charron’s work it was a no brainer to attend her creative workshop last month and I’m so glad I did. What an experience. I haven’t painted in years but had the best time ever. Charron is very good at helping you to relax and go with the flow. Her knowledge and expertise is inspiring yet she in no way told us what to do or how, it was a day of true, unique creative expression where anything went. It was great to spend the day with others, none of us professional artists by any means, yet the work we created collectively was fantastic and it was lovely to be in such a supportive environment, with friends and with nature. This workshop goes beyond painting, it’s a way to reconnect with your self and others, relax and let go of inhibition and self doubt. Please do come along. If you’re reading this then there is something inside already telling you to do it. Don’t let doubt stop you. You won’t regret it!”

Expressive Creative Painting

“she explained so much to me, demystifying things, showing me how to create a background, how to get texture, techniques to create balance, all sorts of things I had no idea about and then she set me free to create what I wanted, without pushing me into a specific style or way of creating and I so appreciated that. She took away the fear of getting it “wrong”. Thank you Charron and I can heartily recommend a VIP day with her;) you’ll get so much from it!”

“I just loved my workshop day. Charron began by asking how we felt as we walked through the door. I was excited but nervous as I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since I was a child. A teacher had told me I was rubbish and finding out this had happened to Charron too put me much more at my ease. Charron is just the right amount of relaxed and guidance during the day. I didn’t want to copy someone else -I wanted to do what I felt I wanted to do and the atmosphere and support totally enabled me to do that. I had a panic but Charron helped me through as did everyone else as she sets such a great atmosphere during the day. In short it was really great day. I loved it and want to now do more”

Please get in touch to discuss your personal requirements and prices for your workshop.

Created in a Community Drop in Session