Charron Pugsley-Hill

Some Things to do in Covid Tier 3

Walks. -we can meet up to 6 in a public park for a walk Games night.  Cosy films. Disney classes to sketch their princesses Draw/Painting/Craft explore Harry Potter a history of Magic British Library Crochet/Knitting      tour japans beautiful cherry blossoms Read watch a virtual aquarium DIY clear out stuff Home Karaoke make a […]

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Art and Stories commemorating 1915

“AND THEY MARCHED INTO GALLIPOLI” Acrylics, metallics and fine glitters on canvas 60 x 45cm The Gallipoli Campaign was one of the Allies greatest disasters in World War I. The land invasion started at dawn on 25th April 1915 and ended on the 9th January 1916. The campaign was one of the greatest Turkish victories […]

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The Paintings that commemorate 1914

The Paintings that commemorate 1914

These paintings were created in 2014 to commemorate several of the significant battles and stories from 1914. ‘AND THEY FACED EACH OTHER’ Acrylics,metallics and fine glitters on canvas 101 x 76cm Painted in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of The Great War, this painting captures the ethereal beauty of the wildflowers […]

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So what is Art? Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

So what is art? Does it matter that we know exactly what art is? We may know that it includes visual arts(painting etc),  films and theatre and other forms of art. But does it matter if we know? I would argue that actually it doesn’t matter. For too long art in its many forms has […]

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THE FIRST POPPY-QUEENSGATE THE SKY OF POPPIES-commemorating the centenary of The Battle of The Somme-Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

The first poppy is the beginning of the creation of an art installation commissioned by Queensgate Shopping Centre Peterborough to commemorate the centenary of The Battle of The Somme in World War I. The first poppy is the first of over 1000 hand felted poppies to be included in the installation with each poppy representing […]

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THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME WORLD WAR I 1916 WWI Commemoration Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

The battle of the Somme in 1916 was the bloodiest battle in British history with 58,000 casualties- third of these deaths-on the first day alone and over a million casualties on all sides when it finished on the 18th November 1916. The actual battle itself began on the 1st July 1916 at 7:30am with the […]

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FLOWERS ALL TOGETHER HAPPY IN THEIR MEADOW A new original mural by Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

FLOWERS ALL TOGETHER HAPPY IN THEIR MEADOW my latest original painting but with a bit of a lovely difference. Its a  Mural commissioned by Diaspora Arts and Education Charity- concept Art against Racism. “In response to rising racism, particularly abhorrent graffiti targeting Peterborough’s diverse communities, we are a collective using the arts to promote unity […]

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I cried-I went out and I cried-some tips for helping with Anxiousness coming out of Lockdown

This week I cried-I went out and I CRIED.  Now it will be useful at this point to have a bit of background to all this: I had arranged to meet a friend at some beautiful gardens that I know well and in fact a number of us work there very regularly. We know the […]

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Heal the world Painting by Charron Pugsley-Hill

So Whats all this Talk About a Climate Crisis? A quick and Easy Guide Number 1…Charron Pugsley-Hill

So you have probably been asleep like Sleeping Beauty for years or been in a remote place on the planet with NO wifi or TV  if you haven’t heard anything about The Climate Crisis that the planet is currently facing. The following is an attempt to simplify a complex issue into a few paragraphs that […]

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What is Happiness and Can We Get More of the Happy Factor?

Happiness has always fascinated me. It has usually been a large part of my general nature throughout my life with periods where it has seriously evaded me usually due to traumas and loss that come with being a human in todays world. There are also those periods where there is  a lack of happiness and […]

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