Communication Tips from Nature and Flowers

We all need to communicate through our lives. From the moment we are born we are exchanging information, energy, attention and emotions with those around us, . How we communicate is important in  connecting us to others and connecting others to us. Communication builds relationships and therefore is a huge part of defining how our […]

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I cried-I went out and I cried-some tips for helping with Anxiousness coming out of Lockdown

This week I cried-I went out and I CRIED.  Now it will be useful at this point to have a bit of background to all this: I had arranged to meet a friend at some beautiful gardens that I know well and in fact a number of us work there very regularly. We know the […]

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What is Happiness and Can We Get More of the Happy Factor?

Happiness has always fascinated me. It has usually been a large part of my general nature throughout my life with periods where it has seriously evaded me usually due to traumas and loss that come with being a human in todays world. There are also those periods where there is  a lack of happiness and […]

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Nature and Wildlife Celebrating beauty in Art by Nature Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Nature and wildlife is everywhere on our planet so it should be no surprise that it is everywhere in art reminding us of how beautiful and incredible the world in which we live is and hopefully will always be. That will of course depend a lot on how we as a species and individuals care […]

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2016-Be the Authentic YOU!

Every new year millions of people make millions of resolutions or promises to themselves that they will stop smoking, loose weight, be happier, be fitter, do more things, do less things  or whatever it is that they feel would be a great thing to vow to do in the 365 days ahead of the new […]

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People are often fascinated by our lives as artists as though we are something apart from society and I have to say much of what we do can be or can seem to be to those not of an artistic creation. As an artist who loves being with people and is inspired by their responses […]

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My Vulnerability as an Artist-Charron Pugsley-Hill

Right now I am feeling vulnerable. This doesn’t happen that often and its not an emotion that sits well with me. But it is something that we all feel, some more than others. The following are some of the questions and thoughts that make me vulnerable as an artist. Some of you reading this may […]

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Peterborough Artist and the Andy Warhol Inspired Poppy Painting

Little did I know years ago when I painted my dog Poppy, the style of which was inspired by an Andy Warhol dog on a note book that I bought in Edinburgh, that I would go on to paint lots of dogs inspired by my enjoyment of my Poppy painting. Since then I have painted […]

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The Wedding Day and Special Event Artist-Charron Pugsley-Hill

Would you think I was crazy if I said I go to  weddings but not as a guest but as an artist? Yes actually painting on the day at the wedding! And  I have painted amongst others HARVEST GOLD inspired by a huge award winning event HARVEST in Peterborough Cathedral square where harvest was celebrated […]

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Commissioning or Having Art made Especially for You by Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Have you ever thought about a special one-off made especially for you piece of art? Perhaps its an idea in your mind, somewhere you love, your garden or your favourite flower? Perhaps you love a painting of mine that you have seen but it’s sold? Perhaps you want something smaller or bigger or you have […]

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