Chocolate -The Ultimate Art Fuel

I am a chocolholic-There I said it! I intend to eat chocolate for ever and so far so good!
I am passionate about my chocolate, wildlife and nature,Poppydog, my family and my art and it depends at what moment which of those is the most important..And yes I have a level of snobbishness about my chocolate these days-only occasional bread and butter chocolate is eaten-why waste the calories with rubbish when you can enjoy a quality product is my view though I do like a certain bar that contains popping candy and jelly beans in it. Never liked Milk-tray or Quality Street-sorry but where is the quality! No you can find me dipping into well actually metaphorically throwing myself into my Hotel Chocolat tasting boxes which are a delight of surprises with each new box that arrives and then topping up with my favourites from the shop in York when visiting my mum or the shop at Kings Cross when I am awaiting my train back to Peterborough.I love not knowing whats coming and that I have a menu not a choice card. So this is my everyday chocolate but I am worth it! Sometimes my friend brings me fresh cream chocolates from Brussels which I do adore also and these have to be eaten quickly as they don’t keep for long-well they would last a bit longer if I left them….

Its not just that it tastes gorgeous and here I am talking about my first choice of chocolate which is dark chocolate but thankfully there are loads of health benefits associated with it-you can google these in detail but the caffeine and theobromine have been shown to give increased physical energy but also mental alertness and a feeling of happiness. Happiness is my word of the year and chocolate makes me happy-fullstop. Friends and family know chocolate is a gift that is always appreciated!

I love the variation in flavours from chocolate from different places around this beautiful world of ours. I love eating chocolate from beautiful boxes that add to its decadent ambiance! My food of choice!Chocolate makes the world go round-the world go round-well mine……

I am a very intuitive artist and my intuition tells me to eat-chocolate and I always listen to my inner self!
Painting demands focus and for me happiness as thats what my work conveys to the viewer and a nibble on chocolate before painting sets the scene and my mood as I settle to work. Often with a box of chocolates on the shelf below my easel. ART-Mine is powered by chocolate!

So lets be clear Chocolate isn’t my whole life but it certainly makes my life whole!

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