Commissioning or Having Art made Especially for You by Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Have you ever thought about a special one-off made especially for you piece of art? Perhaps its an idea in your mind, somewhere you love, your garden or your favourite flower? Perhaps you love a painting of mine that you have seen but it’s sold? Perhaps you want something smaller or bigger or you have a place in mind in your house that needs something adding to it? something that will make you smile! Whats the next step?

ZEBRA | Limited Edition Print

THE ZEBRA-commissioned art now in Glasgow

Its called commissioning a piece of art from an artist you love…

When you commission a piece of art especially made for you first choose an artist whose work and style you love and don’t expect them to change what they do-so for example I turn down requests to copy another artists work as its not what I do-I do my work in my style with my love and passion! Thats what you should get when commissioning-the full attention and style of the artist you love!

Discuss fully with the artist what you are looking for-expect to be guided and given advice and to be asked lots of questions. This will show the artist is ethical and is not just doing it for the money. This is an experience that you are doing together. I always ask lots of questions,look at which of my paintings a client loves and what colours size and room they think it will go in.

LADYBIRD MEADOW Commissioned art now in Bingham

Some questions to ask yourself:

What do I like about this artist? Is this the right artist to work with me? What am I looking for? What colours do I want and the subject? Is this something the artist can/will do? Why do I want this art and this artist? Do you want subtle or WOW factor? What is my budget? How does this process work with this artist? Have I a sample/s of colour that I want to share? What is my/the artists timescale? Would I be better buying something the artist has already created(might be more cost effective and they may have something you love already) Is it a present for a special occasion with a deadline? Can you wait if the artist is busy?

Some artists ask for a deposit but many don’t but they will want to feel you are serious about your request as its not good to paint something that is just a whim by a client and feel you have wasted your time putting effort into something that is not serious to the client.Professional artists will turn down commissions that are not right for them-dont be offended if this happens to you- know that there is a reason why the artist cannot fulfil your request. For me its usually that a potential client is asking for something  that I don’t do and am not prepared to compromise on. Its not personal and it will happen because an artist feels they cannot do their best work for you. Thats important to an artist-they want you to feel good and that they have done their best and the artist needs to feel they have done a great job!

Have fun with it-it can be a great experience both for you and the artist. Personally I love doing commissions as I love working with people bringing something new into their lives that makes them feel happy and smile. I once did a commission of an owl that had both myself and the client in tears with the emotion of the moment-this isn’t unusual for me and yes it was with happiness and the excitement of the future that she saw for herself.

“What can I say-I saw your work and loved it straight away. I gave you a picture of my dog Dave and you have put your own spin on him-amazing! Don’t change what you do!”

“Love the use of such vibrant colour! The energy coming for the painting is just beautiful”

So if you want to talk about commissioning for your home, office or elsewhere then please feel free to contact me on 07966 208282 or by email and if you have experiences of commissioning then lets have your comments in the box below!

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