Communication Tips from Nature and Flowers

We all need to communicate through our lives. From the moment we are born we are exchanging information, energy, attention and emotions with those around us, . How we communicate is important in  connecting us to others and connecting others to us. Communication builds relationships and therefore is a huge part of defining how our lives are shaped. Where there are problems in any relationship it is usually due to poor communication and by improving communication generally these relationships will improve creating better relationships and a happier healthier life.

Communicating is a vital skill that is often not given the importance and the time needed to develop this into a skill that will benefit us through our lives.and many number people struggle with it. So let’s look and see how nature and flowers communicate and from which we can learn and understand how to enhance our own communication skills.

  1. Flowers have the most beautiful colours found in nature. They depend on pollinators to survive. So they use their amazing colours and scents to attract the pollinators to them. They have to be obvious and the brighter they are the more they can be seen by insects. And thats the same for us. Making our communication active and clear will give maximum impact to whom we are communication with.

2. Flowers reward insects when they visit by giving them food and a place to rest and meet other insects. They understand what the insects need.

We need to understand others needs through our communication. Some communication is helpful and some is poisonous. Nourishing speech is understanding and positive, while toxic speech fills people with negative emotions like anger and frustration. If we cannot communicate with ourselves and understand our own needs then we will struggle to communicate with others in a healthy positive way.

3. Timing is everything for flowers and plants. Flower at the wrong time and pollination won’t happen and you will die out. It’s the same for communication. Timing is important especially for important messages. Knowing when not to speak is as important as knowing when to talk. Communication is more about what people hear and not so much on what you say. and we all know teenagers don’t communicate in the morning. Good news is welcome at any time but giving bad news needs to be thought about and given at the best time.

4. Scientists have found that flowers actually hear the passing or approaching of an insect and many produce more nectar as a result. Listening is hugely important. Being a good listener can help solve problems, resolve conflicts, and improve relationships hugely. Stop and listen to people. Really listen and hear what they are saying.

5. Scientists have found that trees communicate with each other and have friends. They keep their branches from touching in the canopy giving space to their neighbours. We can communicate more effectively by giving others space when they need it. This silent but active communication shows we are seeing and hearing others when they need it.

6.The scent of flowers can be detected far away by insects. Each flower has its own identifying scent that can be detected. Human emotions can be felt far away and over half of our communication is by non verbal means. Eye contact gestures and the way we move give so may clues to how we are feeling. We may not realise that we are picking up these signals but we are definitely influenced by them.

7. Flowers work together to get pollinators to the flowers that are ready and not to buds without pollen. They include each other at the right time and no-one is left out. This is inclusive communication. In a group, no person should feel unheard or left out. Knowing how to empower others to share their voice creates richer and more meaningful conversations.

So the next time you have a difficult conversation coming why not think of the beauty of communication by flowers. Let them remind you of all the visible and invisible ways your words can weave magic through the people you know.

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