Creativity with furniture-How to Up-cycle or decoupage your Furniture-Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Creativity isn’t one thing-it can be many things to many people! If like me you are focusing on one type of art for the majority of your time it is good to take time out and experiment with other techniques or colours or ideas.

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If you have an old piece of furniture that is looking a bit tired but is still perfectly functional  and is on its way to the second hand shop or worse the tip then why not have a go at up-cycling it to become a new colourful loved piece in your home.


This can be used for most pieces of furniture.

1. Dust and clean the chest (table, wardrobe etc).

2. Some pieces will need a quick coat of a sealer or primer to prepare the surface but mine did not-usually this is if its a varnished piece that you are painting however put enough coats of paint and it usually seals with no problem!

3.Choose images you love from magazines,newspapers or print on normal paper images from your selection of photographs. These can be small as on the top of my chest of drawers or larger as on the side-This is too your last or to fit the images you choose. Its best to go with a  theme or colour theme-in my case flowers or words on the bench sides!

IMG_6586 IMG_6598

4.You needs lots of PVA glue available from any craft shop or supermarket to spread onto the surface to stick the images onto-be generous with the glue and make sure all the edges are stuck down well. Leave to dry overnight. Children love this activity-as you can see my son was straight in helping!



5. Cover with at least 3 coats of glue leaving to dry thoroughly in between each coat. This evens the surface and provides protection for the images.This is decoupage.


6. On my chest I have painted the drawers in bright acrylic paints from my paint selection and decoupaged with tissue paper the handles to give a bright contrast.

7.Wait for it to dry and Stand back and Enjoy!


8. Please SHARE your pictures if you have a go and brighten up your home!

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