“There is light in darkness even in the most darkest of places and darkness in the lightest of places. Take the darkness and hold it close as when you find your way to the light you will have courage within you that you never knew existed. We have darkness just as we have light as night has the stars that sparkle in the night sky and the day has the sun shining brightly.”

This painting represents my personal journey through the depths of depression back to a better place which too many others follow each and every day. The darkness or depression that inevitably comes with deep trauma in life’s journey takes us on a path that differs for every person and each story they have to tell. The move from the darkness to lighter times and moods takes us all to places we would never have been with out the trauma entering our lives often completely unexpectedly.

In the painting the path shows from right to left footsteps along the pathway , white dots showing the inner peace we crave as trauma envelopes our hearts, the orange ladder showing each step we take on each separate  journey, letters and numbers showing the chaos in our heads, the blue spirals showing our brains as the chaos subsides a little, red drops of blood, the barriers along the path to the light, and hearts representing love which can cause the greatest traumas of all. The end of the path is unknown and differs for all. Some us will walk down and some will walk up.

The trees show darkness and light along with the sky moving from the light to the shadows and to the darkness and back again. The white tree indicates those individuals that stand out from the crowd and flourish always on the darkest of days. The colours on the earth  beneath the tree move from dark to light but show that underneath we are still there in our soul and hearts throughout all that is suffered, learnt and then taken forward to peace once again!

This large colourful painting on canvas is available to purchase in my store and you can view the original at my Studio in Peterborough. Please get in touch if you are interested in viewing or buying this stunning work of art!

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