Happy Art . Happy Places . Happy Faces

  • Barnaby


    Barnaby loved to patrol the skies above the fields around his barn. He felt small in the wide night skies but he loved the feeling of freedom as he swooped and glided past the bright sparkly stars. He knew that freedom to do what he loved was important and he would always make it a…

  • Hazel


    Hazel loved feeling the spirit of the moon. She thought back to the day Just gone. She had frolicked in the flower meadow, drunk from the crystal clear stream and met her friend Harriet for lunch. It had been a good day and she was happy.

  • Dorothy


    Dorothy loved berry time. It was her favourite season. The bright coloured berries brightened her mood as well as tasting delicious. Their goodness made her tummy feel restored to health which was not how pizza made her feel. She decided that berries were the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Victoria


    Victoria loved her wellies. She was the only bird she knew who wore them. They kept her feet dry whilst looking beautiful. They made her and her friends smile. She loved that she made others smile. She thought all birds should have wellies. Charron Pugsley-Hill 2023

  • Holly


    Holly always loved that moment when she left the spine dressers. She felt beautiful and captivating. She could accomplish anything when she felt this good. Charron Pugsley-Hill 2023

  • Flora


    Flora lifted her head to the sparkly stars above. And breathe she said to herself. It had been a tumultuous day but the night sky was a beautiful place to sit under and to drink in its spirit of recovery. Tomorrow would be a better day. Charron Pugsley-Hill 2023

  • Cedric


    “Cedric knew he wasn’t like other owls. He loved eating chocolate ice-cream, wearing rose petal parfum and wearing his brightest party clothes every day. He didn’t care what other owls said. He just loved being himself.” Charron Pugsley-Hill 2023

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