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Why I Became a Therapist….

Like most of us I have had challenges in my life that have affected my mental and physical health in various ways. I was first a client in my 20s experiencing counselling and then more in 2013 (a total revelation!) Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Psychology through a number of challenging events over my life.

Therapy was a place to breathe, a time to reflect and find out where I wanted to be for the future. Somewhere I could find me again and be back in my power.

It was a place that I could reach out and hold someone’s metaphorical hand that gave me consistency and stability while I navigated the hard stuff. I was on the floor emotionally when I first sat in the chair of a Solution focused Hypnotherapist who said “this is all about your future and not the past” to which I silently cheered deep inside myself as I just didn’t want to talk about what had happened any more. I wanted to move forward from the suicide of my 15 year niece that devastated our family. In 6 sessions I felt back in control and after 10 sessions I stopped . I have and still do have occasional top ups as and when I need to as life happens. I know it works and I now handle challenges in a very different way.

Examples of this include :

  • After major heart surgery in 2020 during covid lock downs I had a pulmonary embolism that was incompatible with life (according to the Intensive care consultant) and because I self hypnotised myself to be calm oxygen need did not increase. If I had panicked I would have not had enough oxygen, cardiac arrest would have occurred and I would have died before reaching hospital
  • I self hypnotised myself and had only local anaesthetic during surgery 2022 that would normally have been carried out with a general anaesthetic thereby avoiding all the complications and being able to move for the surgeon during the operation. At one point I was joking with the staff about getting a pizza delivered!

I had my Solution Focused Therapy first in 2013 and the realisation that I wanted to train to be a therapist crept up on me as I realised just how effective it had been. It really has changed my life and saved it twice. Once from the depression that initially drove me to find help and when I had a pulmonary embolism (2 weeks after major heart surgery )where being calm and in trance stopped my oxygen need increasing and prevented cardiac arrest.

I trained because I wanted to help others experience this forward looking therapy based on neuroscience that has helped me so much.

I also have a huge passion for nature( 20 years as professional wildlife conservationist/environmentalist ) and creativity (Professional artist for over 10 years ) which are well known to help our mental health and I encourage the use of these benefits in my therapy with each client as appropriate.

If I think of those darkest moments of my life and of those around me, I really know and understand how powerful it can be to have someone by your side committed to supporting and encouraging you to be the best version of you and to live the life that you want.

I want to be that person because we live in a world full of challenges and relationships that sometimes can be overwhelming and confusing. I want to walk alongside you in this journey of life helping you to get the most out of your life as possible.

There are a lot of challenges in the world and at times things can seem dark. Being able to accompany people on their journey of self-understanding and change and shine some light and positivity into their life is a privilege.

I help you through personal challenges, help ease emotional burdens, and empower you to achieve a healthier mind. I help you find ways of coping that will last a lifetime and with your new mindset you can pursue new ways to live in both your professional and personal lives. 

I give you a safe space to change your life for the better.

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