Hypnotherapy/Psychology sessions with Charron


All of the following reviews are genuine reviews from previous clients. They are always anonymous as I protect the privacy of all my clients at all times.

“Charron is a colourful and warm hearted person and an insightful practitioner. I’d recommend her to anyone needing help in their lives.”

“Charron has worked with me and I have to say it’s been life changing. Would thoroughly recommend this therapy and Charron to anyone.”

“It is safe to say having hypnosis with Charron has been life changing. I have suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember and have tried lots different things in the past to manage it. I have no doubt the hypnosis has helped me to think far more positively and it could not have come at better time for me. As a 52 year old menopausal woman I feel very blessed to feel this good at this stage in my life.

“During the treatment life has thrown some more ‘spanners in the works’ as life often does. The lockdown could have been the final straw for me, however I have been able to deal with the situation really well and have embraced the ‘glass half full’ perspective. I think the best way I can describe how I feel is that I feel more secure and comfortable in my own skin, virtually protected by an invisible suit of armour. I have gained a deep trust in Charron to such an extent I have asked her to treat my daughter during this difficult time. My daughter has dealt with lockdown amazingly and I am sure the hypnosis has a lot to do with it.”

“Charron as a therapist is cheery, calm and patient, and instills confidence in the process. She is very thorough in explaining “how everything works” ie the different parts of the brain and how they impact behaviour and vice versa, and reinforced this message many times. The process of asking “what is good” I found quite difficult, at first, as it was not a way I was accustomed to thinking, which is the whole point I guess, but it became easier. I find now that when feeling negative a can force myself to think about what is good in my life which helps, I am more willing and able to challenge negative thoughts. I am sleeping better, and religiously record positive thoughts every evening, and listen to the relaxation message, which I like particularly as its Charron speaking, so a friendly voice that I trust, and am often asleep very quickly when it is on. Was sitting in the garden the other day and felt truly relaxed and happy, which I have not felt for a long time…”

“I found Charron easy to talk to and to be honest I did think it might be a little awkward, but it wasn’t. We talked about what had been so good and then what I wanted to achieve and focus on, things that I wanted to change. We then would go into the hypnotherapy – trance work.  Charron always made me feel comfortable not only in her manner but in the surroundings too.  I soon began to look forward to snuggling down, with a blanket and just letting Charron’s voice wave over me.  At first, I will admit I did find the whole thing a bit ‘weird’ but I soon began to really look forward to it. Not only for the opportunity to take some time out for me but for the way it made me feel.

“I always left feeling, lighter and more able to cope with whatever I had planned in my busy diary.  This feeling stayed with me and I found myself completing more tasks and dealing with situations better.  I’d had a goal which had been floating around in my head for a number of years and I hadn’t really known what to do to get it started.  I had spoken to Charron about it as a friend prior to the hypnotherapy but we didn’t discuss it in our sessions until I brought it up and started telling her the things I had started doing to move towards the goal.  I booked on a short 2 days course,  I then did a couple of talks on the subject, after this I felt I had to continue and went onto book onto a Coaching Course and started to set up a new business centred on my goal to help working women who had experienced being in coercive, controlling and abusive relationships. 

“It’s still early days and has a long way to go but it’s started.  I know I had thought about it for a long time however I don’t think I would have progressed without the help of Charron and her hypnotherapy.  It’s like I got out of my own way and instead of focusing on all reasons why I couldn’t do it I started anyway and was prepared to trust myself and the universe to see what would happen.I wasn’t forced to do anything in fact quite the opposite. I think the realisation that our work together was making such a difference became easier to accept and acknowledge as time went on.

 “I can’t recommend Charron enough, thank you.”

“Following the debilitating events shared by so many – cancer surgery/chemotherapy, coinciding with the pandemic putting our work and world as we knew it on hold, with all the consequent isolation and fear which that provoked, followed in my case by loss of only surviving parent, I felt in need of some help adjusting to these many and varied shocks to my physical and mental well-being.

“Earlier this year I contacted Charron Pugsley-Hill, as a complete stranger, out of the blue. Assuming she would live too far away, perhaps, for me to book in to see her, I was very pleased to find that thanks to the wonders of technology, we have been able to have meetings via Zoom and I can honestly say these sessions have been a transformative experience.

“Solution-focussed therapy such as Charron provides was unknown to me, and it has been a revelation, involving as it does so much science-based emphasis on self-empowerment of the positive aspects of our brains. With Charron’s skilful, compassionate and inspirational guidance I have felt a gradual but sure restoration of much of my ‘self’ and to leave behind much of the inertia and self-sabotaging behaviours which seem to have developed over these unsettling recent years.

“I would thoroughly recommend anyone who has concerns that hypnotherapy/psychotherapy would involve a great deal of anguished mental processes to discover instead this kind and positive approach to helping them help themselves to find/re-discover their happiest self.”

“Charron’s prompt response led to sessions that helped me in a relatively short space of time. What had seemed like monumental issues in my life became things that I could deal with and no longer had the impact that had left me feeling so helpless. The sessions created a sense of wellbeing and calm. She is kind and sympathetic but tough when necessary, which was exactly what I needed when I needed it most.”

“I contacted Charron wanting help to overcome claustrophobia. I have found the 6 sessions I had to be so helpful, inspiring and life changing. Charron is an amazingly positive lady, who encourages you throughout the process. I enjoyed each session and felt so relaxed afterwards. It meant I could fly to a family holiday, something that has always been fraught with anguish. I would definitely recommend Charron :)”

“I had hypnotherapy with Charron a few years ago now and I can honestly say it has been life changing. The positive mindset it gave me has got me through some dark times. The sessions themselves were always enjoyable and relaxing but it’s the long term benefits have been astonishing.”

“Working with Charron has given me my life back. She is everything a therapist should be; kind, understanding, accepting and non-judging, but also strong and asking questions that made me realise I was so much more than my narrow view of myself. I’ve gone from being a stressed out , over thinking person who can’t function to a happy, confident one who looks forward to every new day. Thanks Charron I recommend you to everyone!”

“Charron was the positive beacon i needed when i was unable to see anything clearly through crippling anxiety. She taught me how to understand my thoughts and the way my brain was behaving while it was in survival mode. This therapy isn’t just about going into trance but an education in self awareness too. Going into trance at the start was the only way i could relax my body and mind at first because i was so overwhelmed with fear and worry. I now have skills for life to help me through moments of hardship to take me into the future. Not to mention resources i can use forever. I fully recommend Charron and i fully recommend this style of therapy. Charron draws from her own experiences of mental health and hardship so i felt assured that she fully understood what i was going through. Ive done a 6 week course and feel able to maintain this by myself now…but i know if i hit a road bump in the future i can rely on Charron for some ‘top up’ sessions to get me back on track. Thank you Charron x”

“I went to Charron after getting increasingly low sitting on the NHS waiting list for too long. I was in a very dark place after being ill for a long time and seeing no future. I was suffering from PTSD, anxiety and sleep issues.”

“Charron’s support and guidance has been life changing and I’m like a different person! I’m now embracing the future, do not meet the criteria for PTSD and I’m considerably less anxious.”