LONDON-A new Original Painting by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

London: a bustling glittering place full of energy, new experiences and people to meet. Always something new to see or someone new to meet. This is how I see London! I love going there for the day as a surprise, a treat, for business, for research and to visit family or friends. This is my London!


I NEVER considered ACTUALLY painting it! EVER!

IMG_5110                      IMG_1068

and then expecting to be be commissioned to paint a big meadow for a client it turned out she wanted London. LONDON LONDON!!!! And the only reason I accepted it was that I know this client loves my work and was prepared fully that this would be my interpretation and reaction to the subject.We did discuss her feelings and thoughts about London which she loves.


So first stage was the thinking, the trusting that it will come and the processing of the subject. This was the internal part of the creation where it forms in the heart and will then come from the heart and soul onto the canvas when that large white canvas sits on the easel in front of you. Many artists find this intimidating for me it is exciting as I never know what is coming until the marks are made on the whiteness before me!


IMG_6696                 IMG_6761

So each building unveiled as I made marks with the charcoal. Only Harrods was taken out and Buckingham Palace then added in its place as it is so iconic as a visitor. So one change but only one!

The first paint stage is usually my distinctive swirly sky so beloved by so many of my clients.

IMG_6784                      IMG_6803


I love painting my swirls sprinkled with fine glitters which are created in several separate sessions. The final layer being the top metallic swirls that you can see in the image above. Then comes the background building colours and details. I have used little photos of the buildings as reference but I did not attempt to get the details and colours as they are. For me its all about the colour and the essence of the place.

IMG_6846                 IMG_6843


And then more detail is included…….

IMG_7488                  IMG_7500


Once the buildings were finished then it was time to move onto the river Thames including the reflections of the buildings and some tiny swans as details.


IMG_7776                    IMG_7792

The final part that draws the whole painting together is the meadow in the foreground-another distinctive part of my work inspired by my previous professional career as a wildlife conservationist. Another of my favourite subjects as I just love flowers and meadows full of their gorgeous beauty!


IMG_7917                    IMG_7935

So when is the time it is finished-always a question that I get asked! Many artists struggle to know when a piece is finished but its not really ever been an issue for me. I think because the painting has formed in my heart and mind and my subconscious knows when a piece is finished because of that. The finished work sits on my wall for a few days whilst I pass by it looking and perusing to see if there is anything that leaps out at me as not being fully created. Nothing was changed and usually nothing is changed. The time is still not added-a secret detail the client will decide before receiving the painting.

Next stage the BIG REVEAL!

I have a 100% rate of acceptance of commissions due to the care with which I accept such work. I accept those who love my style of work, have the vision to know that I am an artist and my style is my style and what will happen will happen and also be happy that its not going to look like the subject exactly-Are you that person who likes a bit of a surprise?


IMG_8133     IMG_7956


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