A high quality giclee print of the original painting GAIA NATURE ABOUNDS.

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A high quality giclee print of the original painting GAIA NATURE ABOUNDS.

The following is the thinking and inspiration behind the original painting which is for sale. Nature inspired Art can in future have a huge part in reconnecting the current distance between humans and the natural world. But it can also show our current disconnection from the natural world, our arrogance and sense of difference from other animals and  the planet in which we live. Art is a record of our changing encounters and emotions with nature, and it can reveal much of the human attitudes and encounters with nature that we have, whether good or bad. Creating nature inspired art helps us all express ourselves, connect and blend into the natural world, as well as expressing our own appreciation  and love of nature.

In Ancient Greek mythology, GAIA is recognised as the goddess of nature as she is the mother of all living things and is the personification of Planet Earth. Abounds means to exist in large numbers or amounts. I want nature to abound in the future which will then help to repair and heal the earth.


Art is a harmony parallel with nature.—Paul Cezanne

The Futurus Exhibition & Fundraiser with the theme of ‘What does a future of humane and nature-friendly technology look like?’

What is technology? Its the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. This definition challenged me in the early pondering days of this project. Would I create something totally off the wall for my portfolio of work? Would trees become antenna or a way of connecting power or would we find a new power source using trees. The thoughts and questions came like a tide with waves crashing through my brain. They always seemed to involve something shiny and metallic alongside nature. And then the peace descended as it usually does when the waves calm and ripple onto the beach.

I create  paintings and installations inspired by nature and flowers. What is more nature friendly than having more nature, trees and flowers? I have worked professionally in wildlife conservation and as an environmentalist applying practical science since my early 20s, I have one of the first Environmental degrees. I have always tried to protect and care for nature since I was a small child. I was involved in some of the first work looking at the benefits of nature now well accepted but still not valued enough by many.

The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world but still we destroy ancient woodland and other valuable habitats. Our governments and corporations still have not grasped that climate change will ultimately kill off us and the planet if we do not change enough. Many people especially in our cities have lost connection to nature  and communities both of which we know helps our emotional and physical health. Reigniting that connection will benefit us all and bring back our value of nature for its own right but also the benefits that it brings us. WE NEED MORE NATURE. And we need nature inspired art.

Through art we express our conception of what nature is not.’

– Pablo Picasso, 1923

We cut down trees because they are an inconvenience. A tree whilst just being beautiful gives us oxygen, it provides shade and cooling, it prevents, with others flooding, they store carbon, they stabilise soils, they clean the air, they improve our health where we live, they are a home to insects that provides food to other creatures and birds that we love to watch and their dead leaves and other matter provide the basis of new life. Why wouldn’t we then protect and value these amazing living structures? WE NEED TO BE MORE NATURE FRIENDLY IN THE ACTIVITIES HUMANS UNDERTAKE.

What is more nature friendly than more nature? This is where my musings took me too. My lifes passion and work. To help more people understand and love nature.

How ironic that wild nature should humanize us while technology dehumanizes us! Marty Rubin

My art piece for the exhibition began with me painting over a work I created years ago for world Soul Art Day where thousands of us created soul art around the world using the internet as a connective tool. Reusing materials that had a real passion and spirituality embedded with that worldwide connection. I decided to reuse wherever possible so the collage pieces are from old donated magazines and printed offcuts of my own art. These are  showing a wealth and beauty of nature flowing across the canvas to reflect how nature should be–flowing through all of our lives, valued by all. I cry for the children today who will never see the sights of nature that I saw as a child. Unless we act. NOW.

The painted serene face asleep surrounded by the scent of flowers reflects the sleepiness of the world in reacting to the biodiversity crisis. Most places on earth have suffered declines of nature, here in the UK we are one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. And yet those in power still have not grasped the urgency of the situation that biodiversity and nature are in. WE NEED NATURE.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  Albert Einstein

The Bee at the centre of the collage is there to remind us that we need bees. We need more bees. Without bees pollinating our crops and flowers we will have a food crisis in less than 5 years. The symbolism from bees are focus, dedication and hard work. This is what we need to reverse the crisis in nature.NO BEES NO LIFE.

The two circular vortex are about colourful chaos -the colourful chaos of a richness of biodiversity but on the opposite side the chaos of destruction and attitudes to nature. Only yesterday I cycled past a piece of grassland that was being levelled and destroyed by a bulldozer. A small piece of land that individually most people planners and builders dismiss. But imagine all those tiny bits of land across the nation and across the world.

The girl in the white dress walks towards nature oblivion or does she wander in fields of the past where nature abounded? Which should she be? What will we choose nature extinction and the death of the planet or will we choose to care for the nature of this planet building an earth bursting with life and abundance? I know what I choose!

Nature is the ultimate technology; a technology we are still too immature, arrogant, possessive and careless to care for responsibly. — Bryant McGill

The theme of my work always is about love, love for the natural world in all its beauty. If we all appreciated and loved nature for nature then we are a step towards reversing the emptiness we see in nature  and in the mirror in ourselves. As we need nature to thrive, and its loss and our loss of connection to it is killing us and nature, with all its beauty benefits and survival systems. Nature is beautiful, amazing and glorious. we need it and nature needs us

This listing is for a print of the original painting. The print is 40 x 40 cm in size and will be delivered in a sturdy tube.

Made in England



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