GAIA ABUNDANCE-An original painting and collage inspired by my love of nature and the environment.

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GAIA ABUNDANCE-An original tree and flower painting and collage inspired by my love of nature and the environment.

This painting was on my easel for what feels like a very long time as I had only been working on it very slowly through weeks of health issues including covid and radiotherapy. Its been my go to for a hit of serotonin, peace and happiness and It feels great to get it completed and out of my head onto the canvas. Its a beautiful statement piece with lots of sparkles which you often cannot see in the images. Its been created with painting in acrylics and collage which together create a truly stunning piece of art-and yes I am biased but that doesn’t make me wrong. I am feeling a great sense of completion and pride as I know I have finished this piece. Its 101 x 101 x 4 cm with painted edges. It is a sister piece to GAIA NATURE ABOUNDS.  It is definitely going on my wall while it finds its forever home. My therapy clients will be treated to its beauty on the wall behind me Reusing materials such as old magazines gives a reuse and environmental element to the piece. The collage pieces are from old donated magazines and printed offcuts of my own art- showing a wealth and beauty of nature flowing across the canvas to reflect how nature should be–flowing through all of our lives, valued by all.

The tree dripping flowers and animals and birds surrounded by the scent of flowers reflects the beauty and abundance of nature as it once was in the world . Most places on earth have suffered declines of nature, here in the UK we are one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. And yet those in power still have not grasped the urgency of the situation that biodiversity and nature are in.
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Nature inspired Art can in future have a huge part in reconnecting the current distance between humans and the natural world. But it can also show our current disconnection from the natural world, our arrogance and sense of difference from other animals and  the planet in which we live. Art is a record of our changing encounters and emotions with nature, and it can reveal much of the human attitudes and encounters with nature that we have, whether good or bad. Creating nature inspired art helps us all express ourselves, connect and blend into the natural world, as well as expressing our own appreciation  and love of nature.

In Ancient Greek mythology, GAIA is recognised as the goddess of nature as she is the mother of all living things and is the personification of Planet Earth. Abundance means

In a spiritual context, the notion of abundance or plenty is less about material conditions, revolving instead (once basic needs are met), around an appreciation of life in all its beauty and happiness. This work is about the cultivation of respect for the creative energy of the universe.

 I want nature to abound in the future which will then help to repair and heal the earth.

I create  paintings and installations inspired by nature and flowers. What is more nature friendly than having more nature, trees and flowers? I have worked professionally in wildlife conservation and as an environmentalist applying practical science since my early 20s, I have one of the first Environmental degrees. I have always tried to protect and care for nature since I was a small child. I was involved in some of the first work looking at the benefits of nature now well accepted but still not valued enough by many.

The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world but still we destroy ancient woodland and other valuable habitats. Our governments and corporations still have not grasped that climate change will ultimately kill off us and the planet if we do not change enough. Many people especially in our cities have lost connection to nature  and communities both of which we know helps our emotional and physical health. Reigniting that connection will benefit us all and bring back our value of nature for its own right but also the benefits that it brings us. WE NEED MORE NATURE. And we need nature inspired art.

The theme of my work always is about love, love for the natural world in all its beauty. If we all appreciated and loved nature for nature then we are a step towards reversing the emptiness we see in nature  and in the mirror in ourselves. As we need nature to thrive, and its loss and our loss of connection to it is killing us and nature, with all its beauty benefits and survival systems. Nature is beautiful, amazing and glorious. we need it and nature needs us

This statement painting will look stunning on any wall in your home or office. A contemporary painting, this colourful nature inspired art art is a fabulous  painting in many colours.
Perfect for hanging as a dramatic piece for your walls, this painting will brighten up any dull day with its beautiful colours and use of glitter and metallic paints. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, this painting is made up of layers which glisten and shine as you view the painting from different viewpoints.
No frame needed for this vibrant wall art, as the edges are painted too. Standing at 101 x 101 x 4cm/40 x 40 x 1.5inches

Please remember that Photographs do not show the gorgeous shimmer of the metallic paints, the sparkle of the glitter and the metallic foils! This effect is truly stunning on this  painting and adds an amazing depth to the painting as the light changes These will be a additional pleasure when you unpack your painting after purchase!


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