GOOD HARE DAY | Limited Edition Print


A Limited Edition Giclee Print of the Original Painting GOOD HARE DAY inspired by hares running and sitting still in the fields near where I live. A vibrant print in tones of brown, green, blue and white are captured in this statement piece of colourful wall art.


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“A Limited Edition Giclee Hare Print of the Original Painting GOOD HARE DAY inspired by hares running and sitting still in the fields near where I live. A vibrant print in tones of brown, green, blue and white are captured in this statement piece of colourful wall art.

Perfect for hanging as a dramatic piece for your walls, this colourful print will brighten up any dull day with its beautiful colours.  This print would be perfect grouped with other prints as a statement on a large wall or as a single print to brighten up any room tin the home or office.

The print is approx 40 x 40 cm or 24 x 24 inches and is signed and numbered individually by myself.. This size will fit standard frame sizes for ease of framing so just pop the print into a frame-I would suggest white to show off the colours to their best.

The original painting from which this print comes was inspired by hares running in the fields in farmland that surrounds where I live. Originally the hare was painted orange which I was struggling with unusually, and threw it it away over a wall in the courtyard where I was painting with a friend. He retrieved it and told me to work on it…and so I did…’s rare something is its normal colour in my paintings.
There is always delight in seeing a solitary hare sitting in a field watching the world go by or a pair of hares together running across the earth together in harmony.The speed they can achieve from their slow wander across the land is phenomenal to see even if its only for a short time as it speeds out of sight!

“But a hare, now, that is a different thing altogether. A hare is not a pet but a person. Hares are clever and brave and loving, and they have fairy blood in them. It’s a grand thing to have a hare for a friend.” Elizabeth Goudge
About Charron

I love creating connections that enable people to feel joy and happiness through experiences that connect them to people and the natural world,the mind, body and spirit, people, their stories and their message to the world and emotions, intuition and energies

My art is about allowing the creation and the magic to unfold naturally, in the moment and in an intuitive way that evolves visually before me through both paintings and installations. My art embraces the unknown by channelling the inspiration from my experiences and knowledge of the world around me. I rarely plan any of my work as I trust myself on an emotional and creative level to create the work that I feel deep within my heart.

My work always comes from the heart. It comes from my spirit and emotions. I connect with our inner child to create art that is vibrant and colourful with deep energetic meaning. My art is an exploration of our spiritual selves. It is taking my imagination and putting the intangible beauty into an earthly form for you to connect with on a spiritual and a happiness level.
Most of my work is inspired by nature and the outdoor world both of which are connected by the stories and messages that each can convey through my art.
I am lucky enough to be on a constant journey of discovery, leading to new places and new ideas. There will never be enough time to create all that I want and need to show and share with the world.

“Each artist follows their own spiritual path. You have to believe that it’s your dream and your life and you have permission to be who you want to be. As an artist you must work and create to let your ideas or energies become reality. You have to make space for the ideas and inspiration to flow to create and develop new work. No one can tell you what to do. You act on your intuition and forge your own path. You need to be tenacious, to work hard and to follow your own true path.” Charron

Measurements and care instructions

This is a unique, statement piece of art. The size is 40 x 40 cm /16 x 16 inches and will fit standard sized frames. Larger sizes are available to order. Please contact me for details.
Please note this is an unframed print of the highest quality giclee printing which is colourfast for 75 years. Each print is Made in England and is signed and numbered individually by myself.
These prints are vibrant with bright colours and are printed on high quality art paper using the long lasting high quality giclee printing process. Giclee is a recognised/collectable category of fine art. The prints are guaranteed to not fade or age and have a colour life of 75-100 years. The giclée printing process ensures a print with brilliant colour and razor sharp detail which is essential to capture the colour and detail of the original painting.
Please note that Photographs or screens may not show the gorgeousness of the bright colours in this print.These can be a additional pleasure when you unpack your print after purchase!

Each print comes beautifully wrapped in tissue paper before being packed into a postal tube for delivery.
Delivery and Insurance to mainland UK is included. The print is shipped 1-3 days after the payment is received.
Delivery to certain countries around the world can take between 2-5 weeks.
The customers are responsible for the payment of all the taxes and duties, that certain countries and customs can apply. Generally delivery to the US takes about 1 week but this cannot unfortunately be guaranteed.



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