An original painting inspired by a recent visit to the incredible and beautiful Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam Holland. The flowers and bulbs of the 2019 garden are are portrayed in this colourful statement piece of art in many multi-colours.

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An original painting inspired by a recent visit to the incredible and beautiful Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam Holland. The flowers and bulbs of the 2019 garden are are portrayed in this colourful statement piece of art in many multi-colours.
A dramatic hand painted, textured piece for your walls, this painting will brighten your mood on any dull day with its vibrant colours and use of glitter and metallic paints. The picture doesn’t do it justice, the leaves and flowers are made up of layers which glisten and shine as you view the painting from different viewpoints.

No frame needed for this vibrant wall art, as the edges are painted too. Standing at 101cm x 101 x 4cm, with the fixings included.
My inspiration for this painting

I paint a number of famous gardens each year and Keukenhof has been on the aspiration list for a number of years. Spring is my favourite time of year where life returns to the earth after the sleep and cold of winter.

Keukenhof Gardens are open for about 8 weeks in the spring during the spring bulb season and attracts flocks of visitors every day during that time. The theme for 2019 was Flower Power and could be found throughout the gardens in memory catchers, floral displays and other creative additions to the millions of colour popping bulbs that are displayed through the historic gardens of Keukenhof. It’s the world’s largest flower gardening a parkland filled with more than 7 million bulbs of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, narcissi and gladioli. But mainly it’s the tulips ….millions of tulips! The surprise was in the large glasshouses that include a vast display of exotic orchids and lilies both of which add something magical to the garden visit.

If you have a thing for flowers, for landscapes, sheer brilliant colours and the sweet scent of bulbs in the spring then this gorgeous garden is a must on the bucket list. It truly is stunning in its size, beauty and creativity that hits so many senses all at once. Its a place to take your time and wander whilst you take in its magnificence and gloriousness in all the flowers and colours of this energising time of the year.

This painting of Keukenhof has fine glitters and sequins that sparkle in the changing light giving a changing depth to the painting throughout the day.
About Charron

I am about creating connections. Between people and the natural world. Between the mind, body and spirit. Between people, their stories and their message to the world. Between emotions, intuition and energies that are present in our lives.

My art is about allowing the creation and the magic to unfold naturally, in the moment and in an intuitive way that evolves visually before me through both paintings and installations and embracing the unknown by channelling the inspiration from the experiences and knowledge of the world around me. I rarely plan any of my work as I trust myself on an emotional and creative level to create the work that I feel deep within my heart.

My work comes from the heart. It comes from my spirit and emotions. I connect with our inner child to create art that is vibrant and colourful with deep meaning. My art is an exploration of our spiritual selves. It is taking my imagination and putting the intangible beauty into an earthly form for you to deeply connect with on a spiritual and a happiness level.
Most of my work is inspired by nature and the outdoor world both of which are connected by the stories and messages that each can convey through art.
My art is a constant journey of discovery, leading to new places and new ideas. There will never be enough time to create all that I want and need to show and share with the world.

“Each artist follows their own spiritual path. You have to believe that it’s your dream and your life and you have permission to be who you want to be. As an artist you must work and create to let your ideas or energies become reality. You have to make space for the ideas and inspiration to flow to create and develop new work. No one can tell you what to do. You act on your intuition and forge your own path. You need to be tenacious, to work hard, to follow your own true path.” Charron

Measurements and care instructions
This is a unique, statement piece of art. The size is 101 x 101 x 4cm and is painted on the edges of the board so there is no need for you to add a frame. Also included are the fixings on the painting for hanging it on the wall of your home or office.

Please remember that Photographs do not show the gorgeous shimmer of the metallic paints and glitters. These will be a additional pleasure when you unpack your painting after purchase!

Delivery and Insurance is included. The painting is shipped 5-7 days after the payment is received.
 Delivery to certain countries around the world can take between 2-5 weeks.
The customers are responsible for the payment of all the taxes and duties, that certain countries and customs can apply.


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