An original painting A RAINBOW GIVES HOPE IN THE STORM. Created with love and hope during the Corona Virus pandemic lockdown.


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An original painting A RAINBOW GIVES HOPE IN THE STORM. Created with love and hope during the Corona Virus pandemic lockdown.

Perfect for hanging as a dramatic piece for your walls, this painting will brighten up any dull day with its beautiful colours and use of glitter and metallic paints. The picture doesn’t do it justice, the rainbow,the flowers and grasses are made up of layers which glisten and shine as you view the painting from different viewpoints.

My inspiration for this painting has come from the beautiful flowers of spring in my garden, at Barnsdale Gardens in Rutland (that I visit and work at regularly) and from the flowers seen on my wanders during the beginning of the UK Corona virus lockdown. The rainbow in England has become a symbol of hope hung in many windows  as well as a symbol that thanks all those caring for the ill during the pandemic storm.

Significantly for me, rainbows are seen after or during a storm when the sun breaks through the clouds and that  beautiful things often follow the darkest storms. So we can learn from the darkest of days and that we will find brightness during and after the storm. A rainbow gives us hope, happiness and peace as it sparkles in the sky. Nobody ever sees a rainbow the same- in the same way or from the same place. value the storm and the lessons it brings and love the rainbow for you are coming through the storm.

The colours of the rainbow all have different meanings: Violet is thought to be the  most spiritual of colours, Indigo shows infinity, Blue is peace and understanding, Green is growth and balance, Yellow brings wisdom and clear though, Orange is creativity and play and finally red gives us energy and enthusiasm.

“Before we had airplanes and astronauts, we really thought that there was an actual place beyond the clouds, somewhere over the rainbow. There was an actual place, and we could go above the clouds and find it there.” -Barbara Walters

No frame needed for this vibrant wall art, as the edges are painted too  so you don’t have to add a frame. Standing at 101 x 101 x 4cm in acrylic paints on a  quality canvas. Fixings are included.

Please remember that Photographs do not show the gorgeous shimmer of the metallic paints and glitters. These will be a additional pleasure when you unpack your painting after purchase!

Delivery and Insurance to mainland UK is included. The painting is shipped 5-7 days after the payment is received.
Delivery to certain countries around the world can take between 2-5 weeks.
The customers are responsible for the payment of all the taxes and duties, that certain countries and customs can apply.



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