Some Things to do in Covid Tier 3

Walks. -we can meet up to 6 in a public park for a walk

Games night. 

Cosy films. Disney classes to sketch their princesses

Draw/Painting/Craft explore Harry Potter a history of Magic British Library

Crochet/Knitting      tour japans beautiful cherry blossoms

Read watch a virtual aquarium

DIY clear out stuff

Home Karaoke make a cocktail

Gardening               Make and decorate a crazy cake

Family photo shoot Watch the skies  

Origami colouring books

Make a nature tree chandelier 

Make an ice candle bowl or ice decorations to hang in the garden

Bake/Take an online cookery class

Live video feeds from zoos and museums

Livestream from around the world including Alaska and also NASA s Santa cam that tracks Santa around the world

Watch ballet and shows from top theatre groups

Learn something new- a craft a new recipe language etc

Bike ride

Car cuppa -meet a friend in your cars, take a flask and chat

Phone a friend for a catch up

Online escape rooms

Enjoy the spectacular Keukenhof Gardens in holland online

Online games to play with friends

X-box etc

Live stream the Northern Lights

Volunteer and chat to someone who is lonely in your community

Have a takeaway bring the outside inside with some houseplants

Share a cup of tea and a chat online with a group of friends to let them know you’re OK and there for them too 

Zoom pub quiz,

Use social media for positive things – be vulnerable, share our truths and use it as a way to connect and support our community

Fire pit in the garden, wrap up warm , hot drinks, toast marshmallows, have fun x

Skipping        Play quick draw online Pictionary game with a robot

Get rid of old clothes    

Write that book      take an online photography course

Find an inspirational quote and make it into a poster

Indoor treasure hunt

Make paper planes and see how far they will fly

Bubbles-everyone loves bubbles

Cook a new recipe every week-for mental health at least 2 hours a week-can be split up!          See 800 Frida Kahlo paintings in a virtual exhibition

Go for a picnic and if the weathers not great eat it in the car-a change of scene is good for youWalk in nature

Dance or do Yoga free audio books

Virtually visit theme parks and ride the rollercoasters

Plan your next trip or holiday for when we can

Go for a drive and see Christmas lights

Personal spa time Visit world gardens online

Listen to podcasts Netflix party App shares films

Do an online exercise class meditation apps

Google Arts & Culture Zoom-in guided tours-show very detailed paintings of the Masters   See Japanese art online from galleries

Learn to make pasta     virtual tour of Paris Catacombs

Write letters to people you don’t normally see

Research your family tree – see how far back you can go

Interview members of your family on video, 

Write a short story or poem that includes a dog, an umbrella and some sushi

Build a house with a deck of cards

Using Lego characters or other small toys, make a stop motion movie (download the app Stop Motion to your phone or Ipad)

Organise your Lego and then have a building challenge. Who can build the best house, hotel or shop?

Put 20 items on a tray cover then show everyone the items for a minute and see how many they can write down

FaceTime to play board games. Make sure all people have a version of the game and go for it! Eg Monopoly or Scrabble

Similar to game nights but Strictly Come Dancing / Eurovision style film & music competitions on Zoom has been a popular with our group!

For anyone interested:

1. You get a group of you together on Zoom and everyone picks a song/film from a certain category (e.g. Christmas songs)

2. Everyone shares screen (remember to enable sound sharing too) and plays their song via YouTube.

3.Depending on your scoring format, after each song has been played, you go round everyone and they offer a score (1- 10) based on how much they like the song and so on and so on.

4. Someone keeps score on a spreadsheet or notepad and at the end tally up all the scores for all the songs and you have a winner!

5. It’s just good fun, no offence need be taken for low scores, it’s just a laugh!

Alternatively you can do it the Eurovision way where everyone plays all their songs one after the other and then at the end all songs get allocated a score from 0 – (12) (the latter number varies depending on how many people are involved) but its always good fun awarding NIL POIS! to someone 

Play dough game 

You all have some play dough and make an item given to everyone such as a reindeer-you have a minute to make the item and then you all vote on each model out of 10-keep the score and the winner is the first one to 50.

trace a partner’s whole body. Now try to include as many body parts and organs as you can

Grafika’s ‘Travel Around Art’ puzzle makes an art gallery, complete with visitors admiring the walls, which are adorned with famous artworks like Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’, Monet’s ‘Poppies’ and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer. It does cost £400 and has 54,000 pieces

Do nothing and take time out for yourself!

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