SYMPHONY OF SPRING-An Original Painting by Nature Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Spring is a time of newness, of rebirth and new beginnings. A time to bring new energies to the world following the quietness of the winter months.Spring follows winter as growth follows the germination of seed. The colours become fresher and brighter with the new growth of  tree leaves and plants such as bluebells and primroses in the woodlands across the land. Voices from birds are clearer and louder as they attract mates and defend their spaces. People are more hopeful and smiles are broader as the temperature rises and heavy coats and hats are discarded to the depths of the cupboard not to be seen until winter comes again…..

SMPHONY OF SPRING is my response as artist-in-residence at Ferry Meadows Country Park Peterborough to this, my most favourite of seasons. This painting was created mostly on Facebook LIVE which added another dimension as I talked whilst painting. Usually in my studio I am not talking although I might be singing along to occasional music that infiltrates the painting zone-also know as flow when an artist is focusing so totally on their work they are almost oblivious of the world around them. You can see the process on Facebook , search for Charron Pugsley-Hill Art and please like my page if you would like to see more of what I am creating.

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SYMPHONY OF SPRING began life as a very blue/purple painting but further layers have led to an overall blue/green/white/yellow essence along with shapes and symbols that came to me as I created. This is another example of my intuitive trusting style of painting where nothing is planned before that brush first touches the canvas. Bluebells had to be there as for me there is nothing more indicative of the season than walking in the woods full of the delicate scent of these gorgeous flowers. Anemones and primroses delicately flow across the canvas watched by 3 delicate swans.

My traditional distinctive swirls are still here in an array of swirling colour created primarily with my fingers adding texture and rawness.The overall painting to me is a beautiful wholeness of spring in all its glory before the arrival of the summer. I look forward to sharing the summer painting with you when I have created it.

My residency has been funded by the Arts Council England and Nene Park Trust Peterborough.I thank them for giving these gorgeous opportunity.

For more of my work please see my website

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