THE FIRES OF AUTUMN An original painting by Peterborough Nature Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

When I became Artist-in-Residence at Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough I was grateful for the focus and the space it could create to enable me to develop myself and my art. As a self taught artist I want each project that I undertake to enable me to learn about myself, new techniques, the subjects whatever it might be. Somehow I knew when I started this post that I was ready for a change within myself reaching for a deeper level of connectedness to the art that I am creating and to the environment or nature that I am wanting to convey onto the canvas. My art was already deeply intuitive with no or very little planning as the paint moves onto the beginning of each painting flowing from my heart and soul with emotion and passion for what I am creating.I wanted more…..




The large tree represents the Oak on the meadow as its leaves fall as the weeks go by, the supermoon shines creating a silvery blue glow on the bird in its shadow, the seed cases and flowerheads await the birds and mammals munching on their feast, the poppies show the season of remembrance of wars past, flowers still bloom until the winter frosts and the oranges, browns and reds give the autumnal feel


As is usual the fine glitters and metallics in the painting do not show in the images here-the original needs to be seen….


img_6052 img_6054 img_5937


Before beginning my series of paintings focusing on the seasons of the park I have felt the need to connect more with other intuitive passionate emotional artists who trust from inside that they will create beautiful art that draws emotion from others as they view the painting. One such artist is American Artist Flora Bowley whose work and ethos I connected with from the first moment that I saw her work. By connecting with her work and techniques through webinars and online seminars as well as one of her books I have drawn more emotion from myself in this first painting THE FIRES OF AUTUMN. It has almost felt primeval in the depth of emotion and connection that I have felt to the subject as I painted.

When I was ready to begin this autumn painting I found I hadn’t got a new canvas of the size that I wanted so I literally ran upstairs and took another  painting  to paint the new one on. I just could not bear to leave the feeling whilst I went to buy another new canvas. Trusting and doing this has led to elements of the original painting being exposed in the new…The Hare is from the original painting which survived my initial onslaught of paint. As I stood back and saw him still there I knew he had to be included as is some of the sky although this has been altered as I felt and translated the mood from all the inspiration gained from my time in the park over the autumn months.

Making time and space to be creative and let your mind wander is crucial if you want to reach a greater level of creativity in your life or artwork. Get rid of the box entirely not even working outside the box-just have no boxes and let your mind wander…..Each time I sat or more usually stood with a brush in my hand I would release first the thoughts lingering in my mind to focus on my inner self to bring that out in the art and the trust moving over the canvas….for the first time I  have here used fingers as well to paint lines or dots or whatever had to be created at that moment in time. Trusting yourself and the process is the crucial part-trusting that your subconscious knows what is coming from your inner self or imagination into reality on the canvas. Thinking of nothing else but what is happening in that second, that minute that hour that you are creating in.

img_1392 IMG_5110

I have loved the result of going deeper still in this painting -it feels as though my  spirit is truly and fully connected to the  nature of autumn in all its glory. My senses were on fire as I worked on each and every occasion, on each and every element. The result is a glorious celebration of autumn in the park. I look forward to each and everyone of the coming seasons………

This painting is available to buy and will be exhibited at an exhibition in the park from the end of June.


More of my work can be seen in my blogs, on my website and on my Facebook page- Charron Pugsley-Hill Art.

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