THE THREE KINGS, A WALK AND A BED-Peterborough Environmental and Wildlife Artist-Charron Pugsley-Hill

Not all together but on different days in the same week!!

It began with Persephone’s Bed Autumn (see previous blog for the story) and me thinking I might get 20 people lying in the bed…..about 80 people laid in the bed with and without the goddess….Why 20 …well often something familiar in a place you don’t expect it to be can be quite intimidating…..but that was also the point…bringing something we all are familiar with as in the bed into a park which is not somewhere we usually expect to find a bed…….Persephone Autumn was played by Rebecca  Jackson of Nucleus Agency……..


First breakfast in bed in the park!!bottom right photo! The donors of the bed bottom left photo.

“weird but cool and something different.How did you get that bed there?” A participant


The walk was A WALK THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ARTIST looking at how to be more creative in your life and looking at the landscapes of the park with a different perspective. I loved this session as the participants were really open minded to the new way of looking that I was showing them. I had to smile as several were photographing a leak on a leaf with a red berry going deep into the detail and colours of AUTUMN. A short creative session with a cuppa and cake at Lakeside finished the session. The next WINTER one will be on the 7th February…..sounds as though we will be overwhelmed as most who came are intending to come again as are others who have indicated they want to come as well so book early…..£5 to cover your cuppa and cake!

img_4440 img_4513IMG_2796


“was excited to walk with an artist to Ferry meadows from an artists eye seeing things that you wouldn’t necessarily see on your own. The walk was inspiring and I learnt a lot. I would really relish going on some more of the ‘seasons’ walks” A walker

THE THREE KINGS are 3 felted tree trunks near to the visitor centre that were created with students from Nene Park Academy and my partner in crime Artisan Felter Eve Marshall. Now as an artist-in-residence it is an opportunity to try new things to see if they work. The students were fantastic working really hard all day although the tying up of the teachers was a particular high point of the day for us all. I was too ambitious doing 3 in a day and we didn’t get to felt them as much as I would have liked-so lesson here is to think about the amount of work that can be achieved in a day!! The trees do however look amazing at a distance hopefully drawing walkers down the path towards them and Roman Point. They will hopefully be there until after christmas although the decorations are already coming off……


img_4717  img_4642img_4855

“As we were wrapping the tree Mrs Clarke was getting steadily more pink and fluffy.Its kind of relaxing and the wool is soooooo soft. Everyone is getting tangled in the mess of swirling wool” A student


Over the next few weeks I will now be doing some of my own work which is an opportunity to try something new or developing my painting on the theme of Autumn. I have felt recently a need to go stronger and bolder with an even greater level of intuition which has meant lots of reading, webinars and thinking. To be creative you need to find space to enable your mind, to wander and to go off on a tangent giving the mind space to think and just be allowing new work to develop before falling onto a canvas. I look forward to sharing the results of this with you in the next few weeks.

To see more of my work then visit my website where there is also a variety of bright and colourful paintings, prints, cards and gifts to buy.


Thank you for sharing your time with me by reading this blog on my latest installations. Charron xx


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