Whats in your Studio? The studio of Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

For an artist the space in which you create your magic is hugely important and personal. Each artist has their own equipment and special items that are unique to them and their work. Ask any artist and you will find they are pretty precious about this space where ever it may be. A separate bespoke studio, a space in the spare room or a room in your home? What would be your choice? What do you have in your studio? What would you have in your dream studio if you had say £30,000 to spend?

My studio, in Peterborough, which for me works well is the old dining room which is now known as my studio and it connects the 2 halves of our home together. It isn’t my dream space but right now it works for me as I build my art business and practice. I paint large bright vibrant paintings of wildlife,animals,landscapes and flowers. I work around my boys and have Poppy the artists dog who can lie under my easel-thats a non-nogiable for me as I love her companionship as I create my ‘masterpieces’! I can create when I feel creative! I don’t paint 9-5…its when it happens and that means I do biz planning, marketing, networking etc around being creative.

My Artist Studio in Peterborough.

My equipment is all to hand although typically of artists I cannot find the items I got just in case I felt like experimenting. The light comes in from a north-facing window and I overlook the garden-important as much of my work is inspired by the outdoors. I have finished unsold colourful canvasses around me as I work on a fabulous strong large easel need to support the large canvasses I use. My paints and brushes are sorted into colour paint boxes and one for brushes and palette knives to make life easier. Large paint pots stand on the window sill and glitter is scattered on the floor where it misses the canvas. I have a daylight lamp an essential piece of equipment in low light levels which means I can paint in a beautiful glow in the evening.

What would be my dream studio? Will I have to move soon for more space…possibly! The dream would be to have a light airy space with lots of shelving and storage to keep items in an easy to find place.I would be surrounded by lots of inspirational photos and magazines and books and lots of paints and brushes. There would be music playing quietly in the background and there would be an assistant sitting in a sofa beavering away at my less favoured business stuff. There would have to be a little kitchen to provide delicious refreshments for us and visitors..fresh fruit salad, tea and cakes! There will be other creatives to discuss our work and the world and enable collaboration. The space will overlook the countryside or a beautiful outdoor space with flowers,colour,trees and colour. And Poppy the artists dog will still be lying under my easel!

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“THE FLOWERS OF BARNSDALE GARDENS” An original painting by artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

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