Why I buy from Independents and Artists! And why I would like you too……by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

OK I admit it for most of my life I didn’t get art and I didn’t understand how it could affect my emotions and my moods. I didn’t think about all those people with their small businesses beavering away trying to make a living away from the corporate world despite my dad having his own business…..

So what changed for me? Well the world changed not only my own when I became an artist after having worked for the tax payer for over 18 years as a professional wildlife conservationist/environmentalist but also the world around us. It’s felt for a while that people are looking for more than just buying something off a shelf but they like to know whats behind it, its story and the person creating it and their story….what matters is that connection….between people stories and an item.

Pack of 5 Mixed Cards

So heres why you should think about buying from artisans and small businesses…

1.Buying an original work of art is an experience

or a moment in time that creates a memory that will be remembered long after you pop into a shop such as Ikea and buy a mass produced item that fits a space or the colour scheme of your room. You find the experience meaningful and it can be life changing. Yes honestly it can be life changing and thats so important it should be said twice.And Yes I buy art and gifts from other artisans…I love doing so for all the reasons I have outlined here in this article. Heres some of the art I have in my home from other artists.

2. Buy art or things that you love.

Buying something you love changes you and every time you look at it you will smile and feel emotions that mass produced tat doesn’t do. You remember when you fall in love whether it be a person or an incredible painting…..you remember what led up to it and where you were.

A Rainbow Gives Hope in the Storm | Original Painting

3.Art and individual items inspire your own potential creativity 

Because you look at and feel these things differently and it gets you thinking about the piece itself or the person who created it and whether you could create something of your own….To many people accept they are not creative as an adult. You were not born believing this as a baby and then a child…somewhere along the journey of growing up many people believe they are not creative often because of a comment made by a teacher a friend or a family member. Original art can open your eyes to new possibilities within yourself….I have seen this personally in workshops that I run often with people who have fallen in love with my work and then come to be inspired and have a go at creating…I have seen this!! Children benefit as well from this a sit encourages them to think creativity and inspires discussion too…my youngest client was a 4 year old child who persuaded her father to buy her an original piece of art she loved……

4. Creates a great environment to live and work in

because it makes a beautiful space that becomes your own whilst inspiring creativity, conversation, and artistic expression. Art finishes and creates a room with ambiance. Guests or clients will be curious about what the art is about and why you have chosen it. A bare wall does not look finished and neither does it inspire you or others who enter. Art can say a lot about you and your business….clients can distinguish your business by the art and original art can increase productivity in your employees… and yes there are articles and research on this very subject.

5. You are supporting artisans and small businesses run by people who live in your community

Not some magnate who actually doesn’t need your money in their pocket. Buying original art and supporting small businesses means you are paying for their love and hard work that they give willingly to something they are creating or building. You are helping an artist build their career so they can help change the way people feel about the world and themselves. It gives you pride that you are supporting someone else’s dreams and aspirations whilst making your own life better as well! You are helping others achieve the recognition that their hard work deserves. I know that each time someone spends their hard earned cash with me that I feel a whole raft of emotions, Grateful that they have chosen to spend their money with me, pride that they love what I do enough to part with that money, relief that I might be able to pay some bills and buy myself more materials to create more art, happiness for them as thats what my work generates, often a new friend is made as the connection between myself and the client can be very emotional as I see their emotional response to my paintings, and it gives me the resilience to carry on when times are tough and my work is stretching me.It also enables me to make a difference with various projects that are close to my heart.

Be in no doubt unfortunately artists and small businesses cannot exist without your financial support. Money does make the world go round as much as we would like to deny this…

6. Its fun

Visiting artists studios and galleries and exhibitions is fun as often its an excuse to see something different and to make a date with a friend as you look for that art that you fall in love with. Artists can be very interesting inspiring people with a range of experiences that others can enjoy and learn from. I love welcoming visitors to my open studios watching their reactions as they wander through my studio of colour, energy and emotion. I welcome clients on a 1:1 basis also as I love to meet people and sit and talk-its inspiring and a beautiful experience for me too. Building your own art collection and beautifying your home is a fun thing to do and will be enjoyed by friends and family too!

7. Its all about you

As you buy art you express who you are in a unique and individual way as original art is one of a kind in a similar way that we are all different to every other  person in the world. Each piece of art comes from an artists inspiration and connection to the world along with their own understanding and knowledge of the world around them. That connection continues when you buy the art and it expresses that knowledge and inspiration to the world around you in your home. Studies have shown that looking at art that you love triggers the chemical dopamine in the part of the brain that is responsible for romantic love and desire…a very strong emotional reaction.

8. Looking at art

can create the desire to have a go so book yourself onto a workshop and give something different a go…thats your creativity in action. Local to Peterborough I hold Expressive Creative Painting Workshops which is all about your individual creativity and not blindly following what you are doing. Yes it needs a bit of bravery but thats all part of the process. Come and have ago whilst having fun. You never know what you might learn about yourself and by having a go you  widen your comfort zone and move towards a freer, happier life and who doesn’t want that?

For appointments, commissions and workshops please get in touch at happyart@charronpugsleyhill.com and you can support me by buying my art, limited edition prints, cards and other products on my website www.charronpugsleyhill.com

And if my art isn’t for you….well go and buy from someone whose art makes your heart sing!

Thank you so much for all your support. I am truly grateful as it enables me to continue creating art that brings happiness to others and myself!

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