Green Butterfly Hypnotherapy

What Does Therapy Involve?

All initial consultations are free and last for about 30-45minutes. During this session we discuss why you have sought help and what you want to feel like in the future.We look at how the brain works and how this is affecting you now and how we can use modern neuroscience and hypnotherapy to create the change that you want. We then discuss how therapy can help you. And vitally we make sure that you are happy with me as your therapist going forward. The relationship with any therapist is an important part of you getting better. There is no hypnotherapy in this first initial consultation.It is then for you to decide if you wish to progress.

At the end of this session I will give you a free relaxation audio which you can use straight away to help you relax, relieve stress and overwhelm and help you sleep better.This should be used every night when you go to sleep. This audio should not be used whilst driving or operating machinery.

Each therapy session lasts about an hour with part devoted to talking, some revision and usually Hypnosis or trance to end the session.

The number of sessions needed will vary between clients but typically stress and anxiety would need 8-12 sessions. You are the client and you know yourself best. I am here to help you but its always down to you as to when we ‘finish’ formal therapy. I am always here to advise, support and help you as my client.

I work currently online via Zoom (you do not need Zoom as I send you a link to access each session). Working online is as effective as face to face sessions and is convenient for you (I have had clients have sessions during their work lunch break in their office and even their car). I am a covid aware therapist and continue to take precautions for all clients and myself.