PASSCHENDAELE LANDS An original painting by WWI commemoration Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

1917 saw one of the most iconic battles of World War I at Passchendaele (English spelling ) or Passendale the name now used by the Belgiums today. This battle saw  275,000 men under British command and 220,000 Germans lose their lives in the mud of Flanders with 18,000 bodies believed still to be held in […]

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Visiting Flanders Battlefields -Stay at Varlet Farm by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Now lets be clear this is an independent genuine review and I have not been paid for this blog. I have recently been back in Belgium this time working on my art series commemorating significant events people and places from WWI a hundred years on. We stayed at Varlet Farm(named by British Soldiers in WWI) […]

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IN FLANDERS FIELDS TODAY-Original painting by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

As part of the series of work that I am creating on significant places,events and people a hundred years on from WWI, I have this week been staying on Varlet Farm near Ypres to create a painting inspired by the poem In Flanders Fields today by John McCrae. This poem was brought to my attention […]

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World War I in 1915-Commemorating With Art-Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

I am commemorating significant places people and events from WWI with a series of artworks created a hundred years on. Each year I will be looking at the major events and seeing which ones inspire or interest me in telling their stories through art that I create. In 1915 the following have particularly caught my […]

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