A giclee Print of the Original Painting GAIA EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED


A High quality print of the original painting GAIA EVERYTHING ON EARTH IS CONNECTED.

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A High quality print of the original painting GAIA EVERYTHING ON EARTH IS CONNECTED.

The following is the thinking and inspiration for the original painting from which this print is taken.

GAIA is the greek goddess of the earth. She is the mother of all life.Ancient Greeks believed that all life and elements of the earth such as mountains and rivers came from her. Her name means earth or land and she was believed to be the human version of the earth.

In modern times, she has become a symbol for environmental movements including Extinction Rebellion. As the human version of our planet, she gives us focus whereby helping us to understand our relationship with the planet of our birth and on which we live. I have over the years created a number of paintings and installations that have been influenced by gods of various cultures. I love the spirituality and the culture of these gods and hence why I have named this piece Gaia.

The scientist in me also loves the learning and the theories behind elements of our environmental understanding.

The Gaia Theory was the result of work carried out in 1970 by chemist James Lovelock and his research partner Lynn Margulis. They proposed that the earth is a living being that intelligently self-regulates its elements to sustain life on it. This work occurred in the years before and around the time that I studied ny degree in Science and the Environment.This hypothesis was seen as pretty  way out at the time but has since been accepted. Their work suggested that in the earth chemicals all connect and interact with one another to protect life on the planet. So for example the salt in the sea is never too salty or the oxygen in the air is never too rich and that temperatures (all being equal) will regulate themselves. Humans are by our actions not allowing this self regulation that has led to environmental crisis such as the loss of biodiversity and climate breakdown. In the Gaia theory all elements work in perfect harmony to ensure life on earth is sustained in a healthy way. The theory taught that a sophisticatedly aware universe is regulating these many facets to protect and preserve life on the planet, much as a mother protects her own children.

Gaia is symbolised by the earth itself with trees and fruits. She holds feminine and female power as well as fertility(-she can reproduce without sex), agriculture, motherhood, renewal and rebirth and now lately as the focus of environmental consciousness, ecology and the green movement.

In the tree painting itself we see trees connecting both under the ground through their roots and plants but also holding each others branches in friendship. We will only change our environmental situation by connection, by connecting truly to the earth and each other to solve and stop this destructive path we are on. The swirls of the sky in the colours of fire represent the climate chaos being seen throughout the world in storms and fire that destroy habitat, biodiversity and peoples lives. An owl ,  a moth and a solitary silhouetted bird represent the biodiversity so importantly harboured by the trees of the world. Energy is flowing through the branches, trunks and the roots of the trees connecting these friends together in the barrenness of the surrounding land. Their vibrancy and importance shines through in a world devoid of so much wildlife and nature. We need urgent change before Gaia is no longer our mother earth who can sustain us and care for us throughout our lives.

Gaia-everything on earth is connected.

This limited edition giclee print is 40 x 40 cm and is delivered in a sturdy tube.


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