Are you being a Creative Person?

We tend to label people rightly or wrongly as a creative or a non-creative person. It is easy to make a comment that hits a nerve and sends someone down a particular path in life. I only found art or it found me in 2010 and I am pretty curious at the moment about being creative. I have always worked creatively and out-side of the box in my previous career as a wildlife conservationist but  the moment I accepted my true creative nature was that moment I  finally called myself an artist. Since then I have become more and more creative and as I love creativity more and more I want to share it with others and enable others to live a more and more creative life. Creativity can be brilliant in both our home and business lives enabling us to have a more fulfilled and happy world as we live.

Amongst my reading on the subject I came across a lot of quotes and definitions of creativity and it has led me to believe that creativity is very complex and as usual we are all on a scale with some being less and some being more creative. I also believe that we can all be creative given the opportunity freedom and space to do so. And so what are characteristics of a creative person?

Creative people are curious and wonder what they might create, they do not take things too seriously and are often different and do not mind being different to others and will embrace their differences. They are often adventurous, trying new things and going to new places whilst not conforming to all the rules and boxes that society likes to impose. Creative people are often playful and inventive thinking outside the box whilst loving spontaneity and disliking the mundane. They love humour and laughter and are sensitive to art and beauty all around the. They are passionate people with great enthusiasm for life whilst being very independent and confident.Creative people are bold, they act with confidence  and  see things where others do not. They may put two and two together and come up with 22 instead of four.  Creative people take action. Just thinking  is not being creative. There has to be some creation for there to be creativity. Dreaming is great and part of their process but action has to be taken as that is what creates.Every problem is an opportunity and every obstacle is a challenge. Creative people are driven,passionate and know when to let go and move on.Creative people think there is so much to be done in life, and never enough time to do it whilst being very open-minded about their work and other people.To be creative you need to have strength to ignore criticism and faith in what you are and what you are doing whilst others call your world a silly place and say you are out of touch with reality. For me I like to think I am living in a place others would love if only they could let go and fly free with me.

DO YOU WANT TO BE MORE CREATIVE? WHY NOT BOOK A WORKSHOP WITH ME IN MY STUDIO IN PETERBOROUGH? My workshops will give you more confidence in your creative abilities, lots of fun and you will go home with a fabulous piece of art created by you for you! Go on release some creativity…….

“Thank you for the fabulous art day. I found it liberating to paint something so large so quickly”

“Soooooooo enjoyed today. Wonderful seeing our different styles, seeing how to look at objects even upside down and your wonderful tips that make the difference. Fun relaxing inspiring therapeutic and enjoyable-huge thanks”

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