5 quick projects to do with children

I always like to have a few projects to do with my children if we have 10 minutes spare:

1. Seeded pastry for your garden birds.

Very easy to do and loved especially by the long-tailed tits in my garden. Make some pastry by adding flour,water and fat(animal is best and no margarine or processed spreads)and mix well together until you have pastry…the quantities don’t really matter but 100g flour with 50g fat works well. Then add wild bird seed and mix well. Make into balls and place on your bird table. Wait for the birds to appear……IMG_5720 90X90CM

2. Cameras

Let them loose with a digital camera when out walking and see what photos they take. These will often be very different from those you would take and can give an interesting insight into what interests them! Makes a change from selfies!



Have your  children lay down on a long piece of  paper and you trace their bodies. After this is finished let the kids colour and draw on the paper what they think they look like.


4.Marshmallow snowmen 

See the photo enough said except the best bit is the eating of them!



5. The Old Telephone Box

I was surprised when we were out walking to see the fun my 2 boys got from playing in this old telephone box and pretending to make calls. It is unusual to see these boxes now with the use of mobile phones and there was great hilarity around it! I guess what I am saying is just because its not interesting to you don’t assume there will be no interest from children. This box led to a lot of discussions about how communications have changed so much in such a short time!



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