Creativity with furniture-How to Up-cycle or decoupage your Furniture-Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Creativity isn’t one thing-it can be many things to many people! If like me you are focusing on one type of art for the majority of your time it is good to take time out and experiment with other techniques or colours or ideas. If you have an old piece of furniture that is looking […]

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Peterborough Artist and the Andy Warhol Inspired Poppy Painting

Little did I know years ago when I painted my dog Poppy, the style of which was inspired by an Andy Warhol dog on a note book that I bought in Edinburgh, that I would go on to paint lots of dogs inspired by my enjoyment of my Poppy painting. Since then I have painted […]

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5 quick projects to do with children

I always like to have a few projects to do with my children if we have 10 minutes spare: 1. Seeded pastry for your garden birds. Very easy to do and loved especially by the long-tailed tits in my garden. Make some pastry by adding flour,water and fat(animal is best and no margarine or processed […]

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