Peterborough Artist and the Andy Warhol Inspired Poppy Painting

Little did I know years ago when I painted my dog Poppy, the style of which was inspired by an Andy Warhol dog on a note book that I bought in Edinburgh, that I would go on to paint lots of dogs inspired by my enjoyment of my Poppy painting. Since then I have painted all different types of dogs for commissions which are all about the essence of the dog and not the detail.Its about capturing the character and personality and bringing a little smile to the viewer. All commissions have been loved by the owners.

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POPPY  who is my constant companion-available as prints and cards.

Andy Warhol has been an influential figure in contemporary art and culture. His idea that “Everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes” belies a deeper purpose to his work as an artist, film maker and celebrity.The 60s and early 70s led to the creation of his most iconic works of art which built on the emerging genre of pop art where artists used every day objects as their subjects.He made over 600 films and 2500 videos embracing this medium to continue his work as an artist.He then also moved into performance art and music making him a truly mute-faceted artist during his life and beyond. Many of his images are recognisable even if you do not know them to be by Andy Warhol making him an amazing inspiration to generations.

As an artist and also as a human being it is important even as an adult to play. And so I have had a little play with some of my images using a website called fotoflexor which enables you create your own pop art. This got a little addictive and my son and I made a number of images as well as these below:





It is a very easy programme to use so I would encourage you to have a go and create some of your own art.

Dog commissions are available for your own lovely dog and I also do bespoke and personal workshops where you can do your own painting of that special friend in your life. Contact me for further details on 07966 208282.

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