Chocolate -The Ultimate Art Fuel

I am a chocolholic-There I said it! I intend to eat chocolate for ever and so far so good! I am passionate about my chocolate, wildlife and nature,Poppydog, my family and my art and it depends at what moment which of those is the most important..And yes I have a level of snobbishness about my […]

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#FLORALIA-Installation at FLUX Exhibition London by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Having written already about the why behind the inspiration of Floralia this post is about the day of creation at FLUX-an international exhibition for comtemporary artists in London. When we arrived at The Rag Factory there was already an excited buzz as the exhibition continued to be put together. It had the appearance of chaos […]

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5 quick projects to do with children

I always like to have a few projects to do with my children if we have 10 minutes spare: 1. Seeded pastry for your garden birds. Very easy to do and loved especially by the long-tailed tits in my garden. Make some pastry by adding flour,water and fat(animal is best and no margarine or processed […]

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