Commemorating Significant Events Places and People from World War I -Charron Pugsley-Hill

I have described in another blog the paintings that I created in 2014 to commemorate 1914. I hope that you have found these paintings interesting, emotional and informative. I and others believe they are important as traditionally war art is very dark and horrific to many who cannot then listen to the stories that they […]

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Are you being a Creative Person?

We tend to label people rightly or wrongly as a creative or a non-creative person. It is easy to make a comment that hits a nerve and sends someone down a particular path in life. I only found art or it found me in 2010 and I am pretty curious at the moment about being […]

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Whats in your Studio? The studio of Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

For an artist the space in which you create your magic is hugely important and personal. Each artist has their own equipment and special items that are unique to them and their work. Ask any artist and you will find they are pretty precious about this space where ever it may be. A separate bespoke […]

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Video-”THE OWL AT THORPE WOOD” and “THE PINK HARE” Original paintings by Charron Pugsley-Hill

This video tells a bit of the story behind the painting of these two popular images: I would really appreciate any comments that you have as I am trying out videos as a way to explain what I do and why I do it! I am also very excited to be doing my first professional […]

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