Art for Business

Charron Pugsley-Hill

Why I buy from Independents and Artists! And why I would like you too……by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

OK I admit it for most of my life I didn’t get art and I didn’t understand how it could affect my emotions and my moods. I didn’t think about all those people with their small businesses beavering away trying to make a living away from the corporate world despite my dad having his own […]

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Expressive Creative Painting

Being a Green Artist!

The environment and being green has been important to me for as long as I can remember. Having been a professional wildlife conservationist and environmentalist for nearly 20 years before I became a professional artist I have to say that I have considered my impact on the environment for a long time and before it […]

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Commissioning or Having Art made Especially for You by Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

Have you ever thought about a special one-off made especially for you piece of art? Perhaps its an idea in your mind, somewhere you love, your garden or your favourite flower? Perhaps you love a painting of mine that you have seen but it’s sold? Perhaps you want something smaller or bigger or you have […]

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World War I in 1915-Commemorating With Art-Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill

I am commemorating significant places people and events from WWI with a series of artworks created a hundred years on. Each year I will be looking at the major events and seeing which ones inspire or interest me in telling their stories through art that I create. In 1915 the following have particularly caught my […]

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